Message from President


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Message from President

To our Shareholders and investors,

Daimu Kawai

Decided to start own business since I was University student
When I was doing job hunting as University student, I couldn’t imagine to work for the company as salary person for a lifetime. And then, I recognized that I want spend my life doing what I liked when I seriously think about what I want to do.

What is the thing want to do?
What I felt most strongly was that “To make a big company, to be indispensable company, to make employees and related family happy, to make partner and whole of society happy and then contribute social progress”. In order to be big company, I thought that I need to improve my business skill therefore I joined to Trading company as a new graduate. After that, changed my job and joined to largest online affiliate AD platform company that was listed on Tokyo first stock exchange. Besides, moved to largest online AD agency and then established my own company on January in 2014 at last.

At the beginning of the company, I had a strong feeling that “Become a full-fledged manager”. As a result of thinking that I can do it from scratch, I started online AD agency business as I had experience and know-how on this sector.

More further from now on
Our future goal is to grow into a big company with 1,000 employees centered on the online real estate plat form business. As companies are called “Public institutions of society”, we believe that by increasing the number of employees, we will be able to return more results earned by company activities to society and make more people happy. Also, in order to reach this huge goal as a company, all employees are working together toward our future goal.

We believe that continuing to improve the quality of our services and serving for more people are closer to our goal, our reason for existence and our contribution to social progress.

We will continue to strive to become a company appreciated by the people of society by continuing to provide irreplaceable online services that are closely related to people’s life, and we look forward to your continued support to the future.

Best regards,

Living Technologies Inc.
President and Representative Director Daimu Kawai

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