Business Model


Business Model

Basic strategy – Through suppport “online real estate selling-buying deal”,we expand and digitalize all related property business

Build “IT × Real estate” business strategically base on real estate sale business

Base on category of realestate sale business,we will build new “IT × real estate” business horizontally

Matching business model base on success reward

In case of matching business model base on success reward type ,we adopt billing cost model whenever deal is just completed between sellers and acquires.The point of this model is absolutely simple and reasonable for both user and merchant to bring in

Strategy of niche top leader

Our model is different from other competitors who targeted non asset user. We aim to be the top leader in niche category for real estate owners,including “Real estate sale” , “Real estate acquisition” , “Real estate leasing” and “Land utillization”.

Huge business opportunity there around peripheral category in online real estate business

Since it’s possible to enter into the online real estate business field such as reale state management system and the real estate category other than real estate sale, we will continue to aggressively expand our business with three armes like Technology ,Marketing method and Sales force.

Basic strategy

Overall of online real estate platform business

We provide online real estate platform to all Merchant through the internet.

Under coporate mission statement “To be the essential company in the World with providing online real estate platform business as inseparatable from everyday life ”,we provide online marketing service as “Real estate platform player” especially in real estate/housing industry.

Matching service

Our internet service platform that meets both User and Merchant while fulfilling mutual demands

In our matching service,we provide affiliate servise between asset owners and real estate/housing companies.The main features: any asset owner is able to use our service and any merchant who are real estate/housing companies shall pay success fee depends on transaction.
Asset owner who has various needs such as “Want to sell” , “To manage his/her asset ” , “Utilize the land”, can ask to registered merchant through “Living Match – Real estate compasison vertical media”.
Besides,asset owner is the potential customer for merchant. “Living Match” is the affiliated business depending on the number of potential customer transaction.
The type of affiliate service depending on number of potential customer transaction is absolutely simple and reasonable for all related companies therefore it’s using by many real estate companies.
“Living Match” is the best service for both User and Merchant to fulfill their needs.

Line up for Matching service

We operate and provide service that is assorted real estate services such as “Living Match”

In our “Matching service”, we have some kinds of largest services in the sector for User.
In our main service regarding the real estate sale,the User who wants to sell own asset, can ask about real estate assesment to Merchant up to 6 at once.
User is able to find suitable real estate Merchant by comparing from some Merchant.
We plan to continue expanding services to improve the value of “Living Match” as vertivcal media.

  • Real estate sale

    Service – to ask real estate assesment regarding the “Selling price” to some merchant

  • Real estate acquisition

    Service – to ask real estate assesment regarding the “Acquisition price” to some merchant

  • Off-market of real estate sale

    Service – to find suitable merchant who has experience “Off-market of real estate sale”

  • Land utilization

    Service – to compare suitable companies from some merchant

  • Real estate leasing

    Service – to compare suitable management companies from some merchant

  • Renovation

    Service – to compare suitable companies from some merchant

Support for brand image building

Supporting for advertisinf on “Living Match”, Helping to raise awareness and build brand image through online advertising agency

In our promotion support service,we are able to provide AD menu of “Living Match” for Merchant and carry out “AD promotion” with posting company pictures, company information and also catalog information so that Merchant can appeal their information to Users for awareness improvement.

Advertise on “Living Match”
  • lvnmatch
    Living Match

    Provide Ad menu and AD promotion for Merchant of Matching service

  • Lvnmagazine Biz
    Lvnmagazine Biz

    LVN magazine for business person who work for real estate/housing industries

Internet AD agency

Internet AD agency and Web site product

  • YAHOO_JAPANマーケティングソリューション
  • Google_Partner
  • 社長ブログ
  • 社長ストーリー
  • next_ten_bagger
  • 開発メンバー技術記事